The spa complex

The complex is accessible to the disabled.

Entering our spa complex is the beginning of a unique experience in which the body and soul merge into perfect harmony.

In the complex you can enjoy a variety Pampering treatments, Which are provided by a team of select and professional therapists who have been trained in a variety of treatments and massages.
Spa treatments rooms are designed in a warm, intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Spa treatments are done by candlelight, with aromas of incense and heavenly music.

The spa offers a wide range of special treatments such as cosmetics, body wraps and various exfoliating massage treatments.
The spa offers a variety of personalized and indulgent packages.
Spa parties can be held for groups that combine Treatments And various attractions.

Entrance toThe Mila Spa complex Provides you with unlimited time (throughout the day) along which you can enjoy free use of the complex facilities, refreshments and cold and warm drinks without restriction.

Dry sauna

Hot dry pine sauna.

Treatment rooms

The treatment rooms are decorated in a warm atmosphere.


A luxurious Jacuzzi overlooking the view of the Gulf of Eilat.

Balcony is thin

A thin balcony decorated with luxury wood.


A state-of-the-art gym.

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