Looking for a venue for events in Eilat?

Mila Spa - Experiences and concept events on the sea is The perfect location.

In the word spa you can hold large and small events in a prestigious complex facing the Red Sea bay and over the northern shore of Eilat, located at Leonardo Plaza Hotel.

The Spa events take place in the open space opposite the magnificent view of the Red Sea on a thin, luxurious floor next to a huge lawn with designed seating areas, a refreshment lounge and hot and light drinks, sun beds, a huge Jacuzzi and direct access to the beach.
In addition, the location is fully accessible for people with disabilities to enjoy all spa services
In addition to the word spa, there is a closed treatment room designed in a luxurious style in a warm, relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

In the word spa you can hold a unique event according to your needs.
The complex is ideal for concept events such as team evenings, consolidation days, bachelorette parties, birthdays, canopies and the like.
The team of professional therapists and service providers in the word spa will help you plan the perfect event according to your vision of the nature of the event.

Mila Spa offers its customers a wide range of attractions (* link to the attractions page *) that can be integrated into your event according to the concept you choose.
In order to provide you with a perfect experience, you can choose from a wide range of attractions that suit your specific event.
You can also order professional spa treatments for the event participants, various workshops, open air treatment tents, mystic positions, game tables, various artists and, if necessary, a wide range of attractions for children. If you chose to experience your event elsewhere, you can get all the services of a word Spa in Eilat Up to you and make your event unique and empowering.

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