~ Attractions and experiences ~

Company Word spa Provides various attractions and has rich experience and past countless successful productions made for production companies, business companies, private customers, festivals and special events.

The company offers a variety of activities according to the nature of the event and the special wishes of each client. Working together we believe that we can fulfill almost any dream for you.

Our skilled staff will be happy to offer you plenty of ideas and options for your event.

Our range of activities includes:


One on one with the fastest cartoonists in the Gulf of Eilat


Texas Hold'em Poker, Roulette and Blackjack games.


Mystics such as reading cards, reading tarot, numerology.

Beauty Complex

Mila Spa's beauty centers include nail polish, manicure and mini-pedicure and makeup

Event therapists

Professional massage therapists for your event

Treatment tents

Luxurious treatment tent made of white lacquer fabric.

Children's Activities

Braids, tattoos, body paintings, balloons and more ..

Accommodation tents

Luxurious guest rooms made of lacquer fabrics in a variety of sizes, furnished with pillows, tables, mattresses, pouches and more


In the word spa you can add to your event various workshops led by expert guides.

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