Events in Eilat? It's a word spa

Events in Eilat? This word spa Eilat is the most attractive city for vacations. Quite a few people who are looking for a dreamy and luxurious vacation are choosing the city

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A fun day in the word spa

Anyone who comes for a fun day at a spa in Eilat knows that this is his chance to indulge in a good massage and release all over the body. There are many wonderful spa houses in Israel

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How does reflexology work in Eilat?

In the word spa in Eilat, the therapist examines and examines by touching and moving the foot where there are obstructions and disorders in the patient's physical and mental functioning. Medical diagnosis combined

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What is reflexology?

Every organ and part of the body has a representative area of the foot. Through pressure and massage at the right points, it is possible to affect the organs, relieve and cure medical conditions. Reflexology is

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