Mila Spa Group is a chain of boutique spa clubs and alternative events production in Eilat. The network maintains an uncompromising standard of professionalism and quality, thanks to the extensive experience, knowledge and love that the network managers and the unique staff of therapists have.

The company's spa clubs are among the highest-class clubs in the country, with meticulous attention to every detail - from the most professional therapists to the highest level of cleanliness. You can enjoy a variety of massages, body treatments and cosmetics in the chain's spa clubs. In the spa rooms you can enjoy the unique atmosphere that is achieved by the music, the smells and the meticulous design. The resulting treatment experience is a harmonious experience that involves all the senses. During your stay in the spa you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Red Sea and the Eilat Mountains, a well-equipped fitness center, a dry sauna and a pampering Jacuzzi.

* Spa managers are members of the Association of Caregivers. All employees undergo a one-year training course and receive a certificate that allows them to be part of the Association of Caregivers.

Mila Spa offers its clients alternative production services. The events produced by the company are unique and unforgettable and are carefully planned according to the client's wishes. The network provides various attractions including treatment tents, various workshops, mystic complexes, beauty treatments, table games and field activities, as well as a wide variety of children's attractions. The company has rich experience and past countless successful productions made for production companies, business companies, And special events.

our vision.

To provide our clients with a relaxing, exciting and luxurious experience that produces energy and intense pleasure by providing a rich and varied range of experiential content activities for fun and holiday parties, while providing personal, creative and innovative treatment with the dedicated and professional staff of Mila Spa.

Our values.


Mila Spa's professional staff was chosen with great care, with an emphasis on their professional training, experience and personal attitude. In addition to being recognized as a professional massage school in the professional union, our therapists undergo frequent professional training in order to bring our clients the highest level of professionalism.

Quality and enjoyment.

We are committed to providing the best quality experience by listening to the unique needs of the customer, and their full and creative fit, while paying attention to the quality of materials, accessories and equipment .


We are committed to providing our guests with all the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over 25 years of activity on the way to a perfect pampering experience filled with unforgettable love and excitement.

Loyalty and dedication.

The dedicated team of Mila Spa Boutique operates out of a mission and puts at its feet values of dedication, giving and love and committing to give our customers the full confidence that they have made the right choice .


We guarantee that our professionals are certified In accordance with the standard required by the complementary medical institutions and the professional spa clubs. In addition, all of the employees are covered by comprehensive professional liability insurance as well as employer liability insurance.

We are a reliable company with a rich reputation over the years and proven financial stability.

Yoram Schwartz

Word spa
Co-CEO and owner, founded Mila Spa in Eilat in 1998. He has been a major producer and project manager for the company for over 25 years, an expert in the various massage arts, Spa, a leading spa hotel in Eilat and a consultant to the establishment and management of the largest spa clubs in Eilat Yoram, a member of the Association of Massage Professions in Israel and manages the Center for the study of spa treatments in Eilat.

Mila Schwartz


BA in Business Administration (BA in Business Administration - Ben Gurion University) - Co-CEO since 2003, serves as the Company's Comptroller, is responsible for the management of spa clubs, human resources manager and procurement manager.


   Lena sang
Spa Director Leonardo Plaza

A pampering massage with a breathtaking view of the word spa

Director of the word Rimonim Neptune Spa

Massage school:

Mila Spa provides a professional course for the treatment of massages to the level of a certified massage therapist, according to the criteria of the Association of Massage Professions in Israel, as a holistic therapy based on the perception of the person as a complete whole (body and soul). This method of treatment / massage - to increase the blood flow to the tissues and improve the functioning of body systems both physically and psychologically and psychologically, the massage improves the quality of operation of all body organs and systems.
The course is based on the Manuel Massage method from Germany, according to the method of Dr. Eric Tolka.

Graduates will receive a diploma from the Mila Spa Massage Center, which is recognized by the Association of Massage Professions in Israel, which is a member of the umbrella organization of the "Bureau for Complementary Health Professions." Graduates will receive a certificate of completion for the first year.
** A student who wishes to be a member of the Association of Massage Professions in Israel will have to undergo a course in physiology and general anatomy (referred by a doctor)
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