How does reflexology work in Eilat?

In the word spa in Eilat, the therapist examines and examines by touching and moving the foot where there are obstructions and disorders in the patient's physical and mental functioning. The medical diagnosis combined with the interviewer gives the therapist the information about how and where to focus the treatment.

The treatment of the word Spa in Eilat includes compressions, massage and slight stretching of the feet, through which the Mila Spa Eilat treats the nervous and energetic response throughout the body that stimulates natural healing processes.
Any change in the normal structure of the leg may indicate a possible problem or disease. It is understood that due to the complexity of the diagnosis, the word spa in Eilat should be reached for diagnosis and professional treatment.

  • Cold: Redness in the lower area of the toe indicates red throat; Small bumps beneath the toe can indicate congestion; Redness between the toes may indicate swollen lymph nodes.
  • High blood pressure: The foot is swollen from normal and red.
  • Cardiological problems: capillaries in the foot more than usual.
  • Asthma: Slots on the esophagus located at the center of the foot, and on the trachea between the first toe and the second finger.
  • Ear infections: Swelling and pain in the pinky and under the root of the little finger.
  • Diabetes: White spots on the foot in the middle pancreas area indicate a decrease in insulin. This can also be expressed in palpitations or in crystals - tiny bumps and rice figures under the skin.
  • Inflammation of the bladder: swelling or redness of the arc above the heel.
  • Allergies: Small grooves in the middle of the leg that indicate the liver and spleen

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