A pampering massage with a breathtaking view of the word spa
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Special events in the word spa
Special events in the word spa
Special events in the word spa

Spa treatments

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Attractions and experiences

The spa offers a wide range of Special treatments כגון טיפולי קוסמטיקה, עטיפות גוף ועיסויי פילינג מגוונים. הספא מציע חבילות פינוק מגוונות ומיוחדות בהתאמה אישית. ניתן לערוך מסיבות ספא לקבוצות המשלבות טיפולים וDifferent attractions.
In the prestigious compound of Mila Spa located At the Leonardo Plaza Hotel in Eilat On the grounds of the event you can enjoy spectacular views of the Red Sea, deck seating areas, sun beds, Jacuzzi, dry sauna and direct access to the beach.
Mila Spa supplies Different attractions And has extensive experience and a history of countless successful productions made for production companies, business companies, private customers, festivals and special events.
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Spa events

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In the prestigious compound of Mila Spa located At the Leonardo Plaza in Eilat תוכלו לערוך אירועים שונים כגון: ערבי צוות, ימי גיבוש, מסיבת רווקות, ימי הולדת, חופות ועוד.

במתחם האירוע תוכלו ליהנות מנוף מרהיב של הים האדום, פינות ישיבה על הדק, מיטות שיזוף, ג'קוזי ,סאונה יבשה וגישה ישירה לחוף הים. בנוסף המתחם הינו נגיש לנכים.

Events in the word spa can take place during the day or in the evening and night and include a variety of activities according to the concept chosen and the wishes of the customer.
It is possible to conduct events of different sizes -
The deck complex - small events up to 50 people.
A thin integrated complex and lawn - can accommodate up to 200 people.

The spa experts will help you create the perfect event for you and the activities you choose to incorporate into the event. Mila Spa offers its customers A variety of attractions Which includes various workshops, therapy tents, mysticism, play tables, various artists and a variety of activities for children.

Team evenings

Looking for an original place to involve a team? In the word spa you can hold an unforgettable and original evening at the prestigious spa resort facing the sea. Mila Spa offers you a variety of Activities and experiences That you can add to your evening and will be happy to assist you in planning it according to your desires and the nature of the group.

Team evenings in Eilat Spa
Days of consolidation with the word spa on the beach in Eilat

Team building days

Looking for a place to hold a day of formation? In our prestigious compound opposite the spa you can hold days of consolidation and experiences. We will be happy to produce an unforgettable event for you according to the concept you choose. In word spa you can upgrade your event with a variety Activities and experiences Which the place offers.

Bachelorette party

The perfect place for a bachelorette party. In the word spa you can enjoy a luxury spa and jacuzzi by the sea. You can add to your event various treats - alcohol, refreshments, activities, guest artists, ornamentsVarious treatments- Almost everything that comes to your mind to make your party perfect.
Bachelorette party in the word spa
Birthdays in the word spa in the city of Eilat


An original and unforgettable celebration. The word spa will be happy to produce for you the perfect event - small or large in our magical compound. Beyond the prestigious spa, Spa Spa offers a variety of activities - from beauty treatments to games to various workshops. In the word spa you will fulfill almost every dream.


The perfect place for the important moment in your life. With a view of the Red Sea and the Eilat Mountains, a designed area and a magical atmosphere that will make your event exciting and memorable.
Weddings and events in Eilat Spa word
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